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What I like best about direct marketing writing is the one-on-one conversation I have with my audience. Before I begin writing, I imagine my reader is right in front of me...She may be a consumer eager to learn more about a brand she already loves. Or excited to connect with a new one that can help her grow smarter, stronger and more effective in managing her frenetic day. My reader may be an attorney, a doctor, a professional who wants to understand why he should care about the product or service in front of him. Sometimes my reader is a child, a tweener, who welcomes the chance to be transported to a world where magical happenings are the norm and kids save the day. Or maybe it's you, the person reading these words right now. You're smart and strategic, but writing is just not your thing. That's fine, because it is definitely mine.

Whether my words are meant to romance or inform my reader, gain trust or create a call to action, my goal is to always write with clarity, with passion and with a true understanding of the person on the receiving end. Readers are sharp - they can spot a faker from a mile away. That's why I do my homework and work tirelessly to connect with each individual audience.  I ask questions of my clients. I study their audiences like crazy until I have an authentic understanding of the right language, the right benefits, the right approach that is sure to resonate. I step back before I step in. I employ a curious nature to delve deeply into what makes each target tick, and then I tick away at the keyboard.

When I'm in the role of magazine writer, I love turning an old topic on its head, and crafting the unexpected, or interviewing a subject to ask the questions that go a layer deeper. When I am a writer of middle grade novels, I slip into a joyous, zombie-like state where my characters take over and I am a vessel for which a story is to be told. When I'm blogging, I'm just letting go.

Yes, I wear many writing hats even though they wreak havoc on the hair, and yes, my style is versatile. But that's what makes the process fun and exhilarating. And challenging. But I love a good challenge.

If you are here in search of a freelance direct marketing writer, let me rant and say that I am an expert, a pro, a truly driven individual who knows direct marketing writing like peanut butter knows jelly. I know the rules and when to break to them. Plus, I’m fast and skilled at my craft, and I take great pride in writing my best for my clients, every single time. Contact me. Let's have a one-on-one conversation (email is fine, too!) about your creative needs and I will show you that I can deliver.