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In between being creative, there was always time for a refreshment

I grew up in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment in Queens, NY, where creativity was the norm. My father, a dentist and inventor at heart, encouraged out-of-the-box thinking. He doodled, tinkered, read three or four books at a time, and was famous for asking why. My mother, an elementary school teacher, was studious and conscientious and believed in never putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. With this parental blend of innovative thinking and hunkering down, I learned how to marry creative with achievable, breakthrough with reality, cool with doable, dreamy with grounded.

Today, in my role as a writer, I continue to employ this left brain/right brain way of thinking with each project I delve into. When appropriate, the right side takes over and does something completely original and exciting. That right is one clever girl. When necessary, left leads the way. She's a smart cookie.

As a direct marketing writer, I bring an abundance of expertise to the table: the art of knowing how to address an audience and elicit a response, how to create ebbs and flows in a marketing campaign, how to engage a reader.

And as a writer in total, a pure lover of words, I daydream. How can just 26 letters string together in endless ways to create world after world, story after story, message after message?

So, yes, I love to write. I love working with my clients and want to be a part of the team as much as they’ll allow. I can surely be a writer who pops into the picture periodically to write a headline or even to finesse words that already exist, but I would much rather be involved in the thinking, the strategizing, the building of a brand. Then, my writing is that much more effective.

And just for fun, you may want to know that I love to read (like my dad, there are books piled high on my night table). I love to get the job done (like my mom, whose lesson plans were always meticulous). I enjoy yoga, hiking, volunteering in my community, hanging out with my family and friends. And I particularly relish in tinkering at the keyboard, hunkering down with a project, pouring my heart into what I do and what I write.