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The 5-Second TV Ad Spot

I know it's happening. When I read novels, I get cranky if the chapters are longer than about a page and a half each. I watch TV, and if the show doesn't capture my attention in about ten seconds, I flip on. When the weekend edition of The New York Times arrives at my doorstep I get this feeling of, ugh, look at that pile of reading. Where's The Skim? Toe tap, toe tap, come on, hurry up. I'm impatient. But it's not my fault. It's things like the 5-second TV ad spot campaign that Pepsi is about to launch

A blink of an eye takes around one third of a second. So I will blink 15 times as I watch each Pepsi spot. They are very cute, these spots, with their emojis, giggles, music and theme-related hooks like the Pepsi bottles laying on a towel at the beach. First the emoji is wearing sunglasses. Then a timer goes BING! and the emoji becomes a lobster.

Snapchat has trained me to see things quick. When I can SKIP AD, trust me, I do. Pepsi is definitely onto something with this emoji campaign. Emojis say so much with so little. It's especially fun to string them together to creatively express yourself. (I do this with my friend, Linda, via text.) Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out which emoji captures my thoughts best, especially with all those variations on the smiley face. And then, because I have no time for this silliness, I wind up using my go-to reportoire of emojis: birthday icons, classic smiley face, an occasional smiley with sunglasses or hearts, weather-related images.

I really want to find an excuse to use those more abstract ones such as this. I need to find an outlet to plug something in that doesn't have three prongs? I really love the number 11?

And here's one I never used. Look at me, I know karate? I can't get this sweater off? 

With our attention spans dwindling, what we really need to do is not make shorter TV spots, but figure out a way to eliminate all that blinking. Because basically my eyes are shut for a good 30 minutes a day, and that's when I'm not even sleeping. 

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