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Debut Middle Grade Novel CUT PASTE GONE


CPG selected to appear in printed edition of Kirkus Reviews

For all of you librarians, teachers, editors and other publishing professionals who receive the printed editions of KIRKUS REVIEWS ... my review was selected to appear in the September 1st edition!


Things that make you go "spew"

It's a's a noun...go to page 48 in CUT PASTE GONE and see what Mona Ryland means about the word SPEW. And then decide - what makes you spew? Anything? Everything? Nothing? I'll admit that too many dust bunnies on the kitchen floor and heaping piles of paper on my desk can flick my inner switch.


CPG receives first review!

"A well-written, engaging exploration of the maxim, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Check out the full review at Kirkus Reviews


About The Book


Snip, Snip.

That’s all it takes for Mona’s world to flip, flip.

Seventh grade wasn’t supposed to be this hard for Mona Ryland. She just got her worst grade ever on a science test, her best friend Turnbacker is suddenly turning into her first crush, her sister Violet is acting weirder than usual, and worst of all, she just can’t shake the loss of her beloved, kooky, tracksuit-wearing Gram.

After finding a mysterious birthday gift—an unusual pair of bejeweled scissors—Mona uses them to create a collage. (Cut paste is her therapeutic hobby.) But the imaginary world she pieces together on paper is beginning to mesh with her real life. Suddenly, the notion of “be careful what you wish (snip) for” is coming to life in ways Mona never expected.