Client: LexisNexis

Projects: Direct mail packages targeting former LexisNexis customers who haven't used the LN legal solutions since law school. Postcards targeting present customers. Video scripts. Training videos.

Client: Nestlé Health Science

Projects: Various educational materials for tube-feeding nutritional therapies. Targeting direct to patient and direct to HCP. Transition kits for children leaving the hospital. Patient websites. Print. Collateral. Video scripts. Tracker apps.

Client: FairHope Direct

Project: Original content for a 4-page newsletter targeting members of a Christian greeting card program.

Client: Aerosoles Shoes

Projects: Digital promotions, site content, monthly catalogs for in-store promotion and direct to customers. Video scripts. Sales tools.

Client: J&J Consumer Healthcare Division

Projects: In-store educational brochures, patient-centric microsites, FSIs, print. 

Client: FairHope Direct

Projects: Direct mail packages targeting consumers and church leaders. Original content for newsletters sent with fulfillment packages for various club series.

Client: Taunton Press

Project: Email promotions and website content for ecommerce.

Client: My Imagination


  • Original greeting cards (copy & art)

  • Author